One week left!


We are so much looking forward to meet you all at Tou Scene!

Sound of a Cage Triennial 2016 is dedicated to Sound Poetry and Dada.  Full program. The triennale is build up around the legacy of the composer, poet, anarchist and academician John Cage. All lectures are held in English. One week filled with concerts, exhibitions, workshops, films and lectures:

Exhibitions by Cecilie Bjørgås Jordheim and Nina Elisabeth Børke

World Premiere on “Upsweep-Whistle-Bloop” by Jasmijn Visser (NL), Stine Janvin Motland og Song Circus. A site specific performance installation based on the phenomenon SOSUS, an American surveillance system activated in 1961 to register the presence of Russian Submarines.

Else Olsen Storesund one of Europe´s leading experts on the interpretation of John Cages piano music is performing and teaching. Storesund manipulates the sound of the grand piano by placing objects between or on the strings, such as nuts, bolts and pieces of rubber (prepared piano). Listen to Else´s lecture, sign up your children to her workshop, or listen to her performance of Cages Preludes & Interludes, together with Cage´s reading of his Lectures of Nothing. Else Storesund is also performing with The Sound Poetry Ensemble, together with all the other festival musicians.

On Friday we are presenting four of Europe´s greatest sound poets: Jaap Blonk (NL), Anne-James Chatôn (FR), Luke Poot (UK) og Dylan Noukis. Read more about them in our program. Our serial of lectures (Karin Hellandsjø, Sindre Bjerga, Else Olsen Storesund) looks into sound poetry as an art form, but also how John Cage, Kurt Schwitters and the dada movement radically changed the premises for and the understanding of art.
Sound of a Cage are also doing daily lectures at KiR (Kunstskolen i Rogaland).




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